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Watch the moment of his martyrdom.. Who is Uday Tamimi, the perpetrator of the Shuafat operation

Watch the moment of his martyrdom.. Who is Uday Tamimi, the perpetrator of the Shuafat operation

Occupied Jerusalem-12 days ago, only the star of the young Uday Tamimi shone in the sky of the Shuafat refugee camp, the town of Anata and the suburb of Al-Salam, and his star did not fade or dim after the news of his elevation spread, but rather brightened with the spread of photos and videos from the scene of the second shooting, which he carried out at the entrance to the MA’ale Adumim settlement.

Uday Tamimi

More than 3 thousand young people marched to his family’s House as soon as the identity of the martyr was confirmed, and there they cheered, clapped, fired fireworks at one time, and cried at another, not because Uday’s body was missing, but because the homeland lost this important, according to the son of the camp (th.A).

Speaking to Al Jazeera net about the atmosphere that prevailed in the camp, this young man said that a state of pride and pride pervaded the Shuafat camp and the suburb of Al-Salam, where Uday lived, and that the scene was majestic in the presence of the name of this young man.

He’s the one chasing them

“Despite the cold weather, the sky was almost clear and the moon was clear, not obscured by clouds.. It was nice to have Uday’s spirit flying around us even though his body was gone.. Uday was not chased, he chased them, he did not run away from them, he attacked them,”he said.

Despite his young age, Tamimi was able to trample on the entire security system of a country that claims to be a superpower, according to th.A) who confirmed that everyone turned around the martyr and his family from the moment he carried out the first operation, starting from making it difficult to search for him by burning surveillance cameras, passing through shaving heads and intensifying the mention of the name through letters and calls to mislead the Israeli intelligence, and not ending with supporting his family and attending with them permanently.

Since the first day, this detour has had a great impact in alleviating the horror of the persecution that the family is going through. represented by raiding houses, arresting their owners, investigating them, and closing their sources of livelihood.A).

hebr news tried to talk to Uday’s mother, but her sister apologized, and said that she was tired, especially because she initially denied that the young man whose photos were published was her son, and after hours of denial, she realized that his heartbeat had actually stopped, so the bereaved mother collapsed, who is still under house arrest away from her home in the suburb of Al-Salam.

Uday was born in November 1999, and was supposed to blow out his 23rd birthday candle weeks later, but his execution. by Ma’ale Adumim settlement guards on Wednesday evening prevented this.

A torrent of questions is circulating in the imagination of a mother who knows that her son’s body has been trapped for hours in the frost of occupation refrigerators, and freeing him from them will not be easy, so how can she get warm as long as the frost will hide Uday’s facial features And how will the features of the coming days look as her son Qasim continues to be arrested on charges of helping his brother escape after carrying out the first operation and trying to disrupt the investigation

How is this mother going to live with the dark new reality, the least cruel of which may be the rise of Adee next unplanned With the lack of answers to most of the questions and the inability to talk to her, Al-Jazeera net tried to talk to her husband, but the family’s lawyer Khaldoon Najm said that the father went to the magistrate’s court in the morning to attend the trial session of his son Qasim, and did not stay there long after receiving a call from a relative to tell him that his wife was tired, so he left the court to check on her.

His son was martyred and the other was put in a solitary cell where he has been languishing for 13 days, and his wife collapsed when she realized that Uday was gone and the head of the family was still practicing his role trying to spread tranquility and protect the members of his family of 7, and after Uday’s departure it became made up of 6 people facing a bleak future.

“Not my son.”

Adi’s aunt said that the mother repeated for hours after watching the photos the phrase “No, not (not) my son, this is not my son” and a state of shock still dominates her until now, and about the qualities of the martyr, the aunt said, “he was smiling at all times and loves to do duty with all people in their joys and comforts.. May Allah have mercy on him, there are many in him”.

The uncle of the martyr Kamel Tamimi said that Uday had a quiet childhood and that he liked to play sports and joined a sports club, adding that the life of the extended family had turned upside down since his first operation.

“Despite the harshness of the news of his elevation and the photos and videos that we received, everyone felt a kind of relief because Adi was now relieved from the chase and his parents knew that this was the end,” Kamel added.

On the social media platforms, a will attributed to the martyr Uday Tamimi, written in his handwriting on October 11, was circulated.

which stated: “my operation at the Shuafat checkpoint was a point in the sea of rumbling struggle. I know that I will be martyred sooner or later, and I know that I did not liberate Palestine with the operation.

but I carried it out while setting a goal in front of me; that the operation would move hundreds of young people to take up the gun after me,”he said.

Watch the moment of his martyrdom.. Who is Uday Tamimi, the perpetrator of the Shuafat operation

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