The world is watching the Ukraine war and we are watching .. How the weaker party wins

The world is watching the Ukraine war and we are watching .. How the weaker party wins

Writer d.Nasser al-Lahham

Who is the weaker party, Europe or Russia Who is the stronger party, America and NATO or Russia, China, Iran and the other axis

Over Ukraine is a new war of all sizes. Tools, victims, missiles, tanks, media, disinformation, awareness, alliances, economy, maritime transport, gas .

Whoever says that this war will lead to a nuclear confrontation later may be honest. And whoever says things won’t get to nuclear, but they are more ugly than nuclear, may also be honest .

Palestinians, like Israelis, are keenly following what is happening there. How alliances turn And how do the maneuvers go And how each party causes as much pain as possible to the other. The most important thing in this war is not to fall into the trap of urgency. The war has not started yet, winter is approaching, and gas, then energy, then food are the specter of the bitter European cold this time.

The Israeli government led by Yair Lapid has completely resolved itself with zelansky against Russia, and this increases the clarity of the picture and facilitates the choice for the majority of the Palestinian public, who automatically stands against Israel everywhere and anytime. There is no doubt that this choice is emotional, and it concerns the conflict against the Israeli occupation and is definitely not related to Ukraine and its files .

There is no doubt that the Israelis are more worried than the Palestinians, and if Russia wins, Israel’s loss will be invaluable. Israel will enter a corner from which it will be difficult to get out. If America and NATO win, Israel will irrevocably lose Russia in popularity .

The same fait accompli was imposed on Tel Aviv to resolve its issue. This is something the Zionists tried to escape from.

The upcoming US elections, the upcoming Turkish elections are much more important than the upcoming Israeli elections. Every day that passes over the battles in Ukraine, the Palestinians learn that the wheel of time does not remain the same, that the prestige of America has been broken, and with it the prestige of Israel .

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