The 9 most important nutritional tips for thyroid patients for weight loss

The thyroid gland participates in almost all vital processes in the body, which may make any defect in it cause a significant negative impact on health, whether the defect is a deficiency in the activity of the gland or an overactivity.

It is known that the thyroid hormone helps control the speed of metabolism, and the higher the speed of metabolism, the higher the rate of burning fat and calories in the body and thus the possibility of losing weight. However, infection of the gland with insufficiency can lead to a slowdown in the speed of burning and thus suffering from an increase in body weight, and the inability to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Therefore, patients with hypothyroidism need some nutritional advice to help them accelerate the burning of fat and calories and succeed in losing the weight they seek without any problems.

The 9 most important nutritional tips for thyroid patients for weight loss

The 9 most important nutritional tips for thyroid patients for weight loss

We have collected for you, dear reader, these nutritional tips from several healthy sites:

1-Avoid simple carbohydrates and sugars

It is preferable to follow a diet that includes the inclusion of carbohydrates in a low or moderate form, focusing on complex carbohydrates, that is, containing starchy vegetables and legumes, and avoiding simple sugars, as foods with a high sugar content, increase the chances of inflammation in the body.

2-eat more anti-inflammatory foods

Anti-inflammatory foods should be relied on, as they contribute to relieving joint pain and depression, symptoms that may result from hypothyroidism, and anti-inflammatory foods can help calm the immune system, which often overreacts in people with hypothyroidism. Such foods include leafy vegetables, tomatoes, fatty fish, nuts, fruits, olive oil.

3-commitment to small and frequent meals

Hypothyroidism slows down the function of the digestive system, so eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day, provided that the meals are rich in nutrients such as protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, contributes to getting what the body needs, supports blood sugar balance, and thus reduces the chances of weight gain.


Exercise in combination with a healthy diet helps to burn calories, but you should consult a doctor about what kind of exercise is preferable to do, especially since a hypothyroid patient is terribly exhausted.

The 9 most important nutritional tips for thyroid patients for weight loss

5-increase fiber intake

Getting a good amount of fiber is one of the basic methods that patients with hypothyroidism can follow if they want to lose weight. The fiber content helps regulate digestion and also get rid of harmful toxins, helps monitor calorie intake. We recommend adding fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and legumes to the daily diet.

6-eat foods rich in selenium

Experts advise eating foods rich in selenium because it helps to produce a lot of TSH hormones thyroid-stimulating hormone, selenium also helps eliminate free radicals, strengthens the body’s immune function, and supports the metabolism of thyroid hormones. Foods rich in selenium, include Brazil nuts, yellowfin tuna, halibut, sardines, pork, canned shrimp, turkey, liver.

7-iodine intake

According to experts, iodine, an essential mineral, helps stimulate thyroid function in the body. Thus, if you are a person suffering from hypothyroidism, an abundant intake of iodine through fish, salt, dairy products and eggs will increase the production of the hormone TSH in the body.

8-eat gluten-free foods

Regular consumption of gluten-free products will help manage hypothyroidism and help with effective weight loss. The consumption of gluten stimulates the thyroid gland to attack itself, due to the fact that it contains a protein called gliadin, which is foreign to the human body, and similar to an enzyme found in the thyroid gland.

9-drink plenty of water

Water plays an important role in relation to weight loss, as it helps improve digestion and flushes toxins from the body. Proper water intake can also reduce appetite and, therefore, help with long-term weight loss.

The 9 most important nutritional tips for thyroid patients for weight loss

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that consulting a specialist doctor for all health conditions, especially thyroid problems, is the main criterion in determining foods and all dietary advice to be followed to achieve health and safety always.

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