Scientists expect a third wave of the mutant “Omicron” in Europe

Scientists warn of the rapid spread of another type of mutation of the emerging coronavirus, unofficially called Cerberus “Cerberus”.

According to scientists, the breed BQ.1.1 is a branch of VA.5 (Omicron mutant), and they expect it to become the cause of the third wave of “Omicron” variants in Europe.

It is found in the BQ genome.1.1 a number of new mutations, allowing him to bypass immunity, used vaccines and previous infection with an emerging coronavirus infection.

“During the adaptation process, viruses change in such a way that they bypass the immune system,” Albert Rezvanov, director of the scientific and Clinical Center for precision medicine and rejuvenation at the Institute of basic medicine and Biology, told Izvestia newspaper. So it can become a BQ variable.1.1 the new one is a source of the next wave of the emerging coronavirus”.

For his part, the Russian geneticist Dmitry Bruce says that the variant “Omicron” BQ.1.1, is a descendant of the line BA.5 to which anti – immune mutations were added-R346T, K444T and N460K. When we discovered this variant, it showed a significant increase in the number of infections with the disease “covid-19” in Britain.

It is reported that the number of genomes is BQ.1.1 detected during the first nine days after its discovery increased from one to 28. By the beginning of autumn, the incidence of the novel coronavirus in European countries has risen so much that EU health experts have already started talking about a third wave of Omicron infection.

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