Russia threatens Israel again

Russia threatens Israel again

Israeli media quoted the US agency “Bloomberg” that Russia threatened Israel with retaliation if it supplied Ukraine with air defense missiles or other defense systems.

The agency “Bloomberg” reported that Israel has softened its opposition to providing military assistance to Ukraine against the background of Iran’s escalating support for the Russian invasion by drones and ballistic missiles, which could threaten Israel’s security.

The Russian threat to Israel came through two sources familiar with Russian politics, according to the “Bloomberg”report.

According to the report, the use of Iranian weapons in Ukraine for him could expand the shadow war that has been going on between Iran and Israel for years, and turn into a competition between Iranian and Israeli capabilities on the battlefield.

At the same time, Israel fears that the supply of weapons to Ukraine will affect the flight of the Israeli army in Syrian airspace, where Russia is heavily present, in addition to its fear for the security of Jews living in Russia, as well as the crisis of the Jewish Agency, according to the same report.

Kan 11

For its part, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation (“Kan 11”) said that “Russia threatened Israel with retaliation in the event of supplying Ukraine with air defense missiles of its manufacture (Israel), even if the transfer of means of combat by a third country”.

According to Bloomberg, ” Israel may supply Ukraine with weapons through a third country, which in turn will transfer it to it (Ukraine)”.

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