“Owl” on the shirt of Barcelona in front of Real Madrid.. What’s the reason

“Owl” on the shirt of Barcelona in front of Real Madrid.. What’s the reason

The Spanish Barcelona will enter the Clasico match against Real Madrid on Sunday afternoon by drawing the bird “owl” on their shirts from the front.

The shirts of the players of the Spanish club FC Barcelona will bear the image of an owl, which is the logo of the famous Canadian rapper “Drake”, in the first “Clasico” confrontation between the two traditional Spanish rivals this season in La Liga.

Barcelona said Friday that it will replace the logo of its new sponsor “Spotify” with the logo of the 4-time Grammy Music Award winner, an owl in black and white.

The use of the “Drake owl” logo comes in celebration of the number of times the Canadian star has been listened to through the Spotify application has exceeded 50 billion times.

The Catalan club said in a statement on Friday: “Spotify has been granted this special space on the shirt as part of the partnership framework with the club, it is just one of a series of measures implemented by the two brands to bring innovative ideas and experiences to football fans, in addition to helping to reach new audiences.

Barcelona said more alternative logos would appear on their players ‘ shirts in the future.

Last season, Barcelona and Spotify agreed a 12-year partnership, which includes the naming rights of the Camp Nou stadium to become

“Spotify Camp Nou” and put its name on the shirts of the men’s and women’s teams.

According to Spanish media, the deal is worth 400 million euros.

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