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Netanyahu: Lapid surrendered to “Hezbollah”

Tel Aviv- hebr news -former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday accused his predecessor, Yair Lapid, of surrendering to the secretary general of the Lebanese”Hezbollah”, Hassan Nasrallah.

Netanyahu posted a new tweet to his official account on “Twitter” on Tuesday evening, commenting on the agreement between his country and Lebanon on the demarcation of the maritime border between them, noting that Lapid succumbed to the threats of Hassan Nasrallah.

The current leader of the Israeli opposition not only did this, but also made it clear that Yair Lapid could not be the prime minister of his country.

Earlier on Tuesday, Yair Lapid announced a “historic agreement” with Lebanon, which he said would strengthen Israel and inject billions into its economy.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Lapid said:” We have reached a historic agreement on the maritime (border) line with Lebanon, ” adding: tomorrow I will hold a meeting of the political – security mini-ministerial council (cabinet) followed by a meeting of the government.

“The draft agreement is fully consistent with the principles presented by Israel in the security and economic fields,”Lapid said.

This comes shortly after the Lebanese presidency announced that it had “received from Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Elias Bou Saab the final official amended version submitted by American mediator Amos Hochstein to the agreement on the southern maritime borders”.

In a statement, the Presidency stressed that”the final version of the offer is satisfactory to Lebanon, meets its demands and preserves its rights to its natural wealth”.

She expressed hope that” the agreement on demarcation will be announced as soon as possible, “noting that”President Michel Aoun will hold the necessary consultations on this national issue in preparation for the official announcement of the unified national position.

The Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese parliament, Elias Bou Saab, said that he handed over the final version of the border demarcation agreement to President Michel Aoun, stressing that the agreement is “fair” and satisfies both parties.

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