It can erase entire countries …. Russia is looking for its devils to our region

It can erase entire countries …. Russia is looking for its devils to our region

A high -ranking Russian official presented a proposal to supply Syria with the “Devil’s Family” missiles as the West called it, or “Day of Resurrection” or “Smart”, which was recently tested by Russia and described it as the strongest long -range nuclear missile in the world.

According to the Russian Novosti Agency, the Russian Duma Deputy for the Crimean region, Mikhail Sherimit, called for the transmission of the intercontinental ballistic rockets to the friendly country “Syria”, in a danger aimed at forming the deterrent ocean of the external aggression.

Sherimit said that it is necessary to supply Syria with this with the latest Sarimat missiles, which will be replaced in the country with the intercontinental ballistic missiles.

He added: “Instead of getting rid of the missiles that were removed from the combat service, I suggest that it be transferred to the friendly country, Syria, which is not considered a nuclear force,” noting that this step will be relieved of a reliable environment for protection and deterring from the external threats of Russia.

Since 2015, Russia has strengthened its strong military presence in Syria, by establishing military bases in a number of regions.

The Russian “Smart” missile is an intercontinental nuclear nuclear, which is powerful that it can erase most of the United Kingdom or France.

In 2011, the Russian “Sarimat” missile obtained the mandate of the military authority, while it was classified as part of the weapons of the Russian strategic missile forces.

The weight of the missile reaches approximately 100 tons, and has the ability to carry a nuclear load of 10 tons, while it can create a stronger explosion of the nuclear bomb that was thrown into the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japanese in 1945.

The terrifying missile “Sarmat” is a member of the horror family, which includes missiles such as “Kings”, “Tercoon” and “Avengard”.

Syria is the northern border of Israel, which has witnessed tension in escalating tension with Moscow recently, by taking a biased position for Ukraine against the continuous Russian military operation there.

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