Israeli raids on various sites in the Gaza Strip

Israeli raids on various sites in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn on Friday, several attacks on sites in the north, south and center of the Gaza Strip, under the pretext of responding to a shooting, which led to a power outage in the center of the Strip.

Our correspondent said Israeli fighters targeted with more than 10 rockets a Palestinian resistance position in the Maghazi camp in central Gaza.

A spokesman for the Israeli occupation army revealed that warplanes attacked a Hamas position in the center of the Strip.

According to hebr news sources, the Israeli raids led to a power outage in the center of the Gaza Strip.

Sources also told hebr news that ground-based anti-aircraft belonging to the Palestinian factions were fired towards the occupation aircraft in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation army announced on Thursday that the “Iron Dome” system intercepted a rocket fired for the first time in almost 3 months towards Israeli settlements in the cover of the Strip.

Before the announcement of the monitoring of the rocket launch from the strip, the army said that “sirens were activated in a number of settlements near the border with Gaza in the south of the country,” noting that these settlements are “nerim, ein hashulcha, kisofim”.

The occupation army also confirmed that its forces “detected an attempt to launch 3 failed rocket shells from Gaza that landed inside the Strip”.

Earlier, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation said that settlers living in the Gaza Strip reported hearing explosions caused by rocket interceptors.

Anadolu Agency quoted the official Israeli channel Kan as saying that the rocket launch comes mostly in response to the assassination by the Israeli army earlier on Thursday, an activist in the Islamic Jihad movement, Farouk Salama, in the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

The rocket launch also came hours after former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was declared the winner of the legislative elections.

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