Hebrew newspaper: additional military failure with the death of a soldier after a shooting near Nablus

Israeli military censorship allowed Tuesday evening to unveil the death of a soldier from injuries sustained in a shooting that took place this afternoon northwest of Nablus.

The occupation announced that the soldier’s injury from the “Givati” Brigade was minor, and after a short time his health condition deteriorated after suffering severe bleeding, and the doctors at the “Meir” Hospital in Kfar Saba failed to save his life.

The Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” reported that a new military failure occurred today at a military checkpoint northwest of Nablus, when a Palestinian gunman opened fire from a short distance, killing a soldier from his wounds.

The newspaper pointed out that according to investigations, the gunman arrived with an automatic rifle at a temporary military checkpoint near the settlement of “Homesh”, northwest of Nablus, and fired from inside his vehicle and from a short distance towards the soldiers behind concrete cubes, where one of the soldiers was seriously injured.

The newspaper explained that the soldiers of the checkpoint did not return fire, and the attacker’s vehicle passed by the side of the military patrol without being intercepted. According to investigations

The occupation army is conducting internal investigations to find out the extent of the military failure that occurred today with the soldier’s death, which is added to the great failure of the Shuafat operation, in which a female soldier was killed and two others were injured because the attacker was able to target a group of soldiers from a very short distance and then withdraw from the place without being detected until the moment.

It is scheduled that the leaders of the occupation army will hold a meeting today to study ways to respond to the recent operations, the way the soldiers are deployed and the procedures for opening fire.

In the same context, the Arin al-Aswad group said:” you of us believe the promise, but we say to the esteemed citizens, protect our backs and abide by the instructions of the AL-Arin, who are not forced to, “demanding the alert of all the fighters of the Palestinian factions,”the battle is just hours away”.

The Arin al-Aswad group carried out three shootings, in Nablus, one of which resulted in the death of a soldier, and the heroic operations came after Arin al-Aswad announced the start of a series of operations of the days of rage for Jerusalem.

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