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Drinks he warns to drink in the period of the diet.. Avoid them for better results

Drinks he warns to drink in the period of the diet.. Avoid them for better results

Dieting not only stops at choosing a healthy diet and eating it on a daily basis to lose extra pounds, it also requires abstinence from a number of drinks and foods that add a lot of calories to the body. Here are drinks that he warns to drink in the diet period for better results.

Multi-flavored coffee

A cup of mocha coffee can contain almost 300 calories, and a vanilla latte is approaching 200 calories, but if you prefer mocha or latte, you can make some changes to keep the calories under control, as most cafes offer a sugar-free drink, and you can also order your own drink with skim milk, taking care not to eat whipped cream.


Consuming diet sodas can reduce calories, but research is mixed about whether this Switch helps you lose weight, so if you eat or drink more calories than you burn, just sticking to a diet soda may not do you any good.

Energy drinks

The main ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine, but they usually contain other things such as vitamins, herbal supplements, creatine and sugar; therefore, you should carefully check the label and look for those drinks that do not contain added sugar.
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Fruit juice

Juice can contain as many calories as soda, but it contains more nutrients. Because you want to benefit from vitamins and antioxidants without all the excess sugar, look for 100% fruit juice, stay away from juice drinks that contain sweeteners, and check the nutrition label for the percentage of real juice; you can also reduce calories by drinking water with the addition of a little juice or sliced fruits.

Iced tea

Iced tea contains a lot of added sugar, like soda, and when you buy iced tea from the store, it is often packaged in 20-ounce cans for single use; this makes it easy to get rid of 175 calories and 11 teaspoons of sugar per cup; so if you are going to buy a tea drink outside the House, read the labels carefully, and buy ready-made tea that does not contain sweeteners at all, and therefore does not contain calories.

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