Canadian psychologist Peterson criticizes the difficulty of “secularization of Islam” and speaks as a “pastor” in Occupied Jerusalem

Canadian psychologist Peterson criticizes the difficulty of “secularization of Islam” and speaks as a “pastor” in Occupied Jerusalem

Western Conservative figures gathered at the International Conference Center in Occupied Jerusalem, most notably the controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, American Conservative Political commentator and writer Benjamin Ben Shapiro, former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman and others, to discuss “the most important issues in the fields of culture, politics and intellectual life”.

The event-which was held last Thursday-was sponsored by the “Tikva fund” (Tikvah) in addition to Sela Meir and shiboleh, publishing houses that translated into Hebrew the works of conservative and right-wing American authors.

The Tikva fund is a New York-based non-profit organization that defines itself on its website as “politically Zionist, economically free-market oriented, culturally traditional, and mentally open”.

At the speakers ‘ podium, the lecturers spoke to an audience of about 3 thousand listeners, each of whom paid about 100 dollars for an attendance ticket, and omiad Cohen from the Tikva Fund presented the guests praising their work against the “barbarians” who are trying to defeat reason and dignity and promote a worldview that cancels national identity and disintegrates the family, according to a report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

American journalist and politician Ben Shapiro (right), Ambassador David Friedman (center) and psychologist Jordan Peterson (agencies)

The three are famous for being the authors of the conservative American website “The Daily Wire”, founded by Ben Shapiro, and it was the site that sponsored the “message to Muslims” video that Peterson recently broadcast and addressed issues of sectarianism and religious division, which his critics described as condescending and full of Orientalist stereotypes.

Jordan Peterson: the fate of the world depends on the people of Israel!

Addressing the right-wing Israeli audience, Peterson said, “as a Jew in Israel, are you telling the greatest story of all?” This is up to you to decide.. You have a huge moral responsibility”. “I think it is correct to say that the fate of the world depends on the people of Israel.. You attract people here because of what you can do. Show us what the holy city looks like, because we need it”.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz commented that Peterson “showed his true color “in Jerusalem, where, speaking to thousands of Israeli fans, he seemed”more a priest than a warrior of (religious) icons”.

Peterson has previously stated that he does not believe that Islam can be compatible with democracy.

In a message broadcast last July, Peterson praised the “Abraham accords”, calling in a high tone for Muslims in the Islamic world to stop fighting among themselves and consider Christians and Jews as their enemies, and the psychology professor at the University of Toronto added: “the best place to find the devil is inside you. If you think that the real enemy is someone else’s heart, then you haven’t thought long enough”.

Peterson’s comments provoked sharp reactions from Muslim activists who criticized his “condescending and superficial” advice on how to solve problems in the Muslim world, and commenting on Peterson’s letter, anti-Islamophobia activist C. J. werlman said in a video message on YouTube that “Peterson wants to think that Muslims are backward and barbaric, while white men like him are educated, enlightened and civilized”.

Werlman added that Peterson was talking about reforming sectarianism without knowing that this phenomenon in the Muslim world “was harnessed and fueled by the European colonial powers, who sought to plunder the lands of Muslims by dividing and conquering the indigenous Muslim population”.

David Friedman and the biblical narratives of Israel

In their speeches, the writers of the Daily Wire discussed the main challenges currently facing the Western world, the dynamics of power and tyranny, and”how the well-known stories of the Torah and the fundamental faith in God act as moral pillars for all mankind, and the role of Israel in this as it can play as an emerging technological and moral superpower on the world stage,” according to the JNS news site.

After their speeches at the lecture, Peterson and Shapiro sat down for a conversation with former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who focused on historical and biblical accounts of Israel, Israel’s role as a Jewish nation-state, and raised a discussion about whether the US is “on a cliff”.

Friedman is widely credited with being the main figure behind the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, America’s recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and contributing to the signing of the “Abraham” normalization agreements between Israel and Arab countries.

Friedman was close to former US President Donald Trump, and he was known for his rejection of the establishment of a Palestinian state within the two-state solution, and Friedman said in a previous speech published by the Knesset website, that “the recognition of (Israeli) sovereignty over the (occupied Syrian) Golan Heights was important, and certainly the issue of the legality of settlement in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

Ben Shapiro: Muslim immigrants degrade the United States!

For his part, Ben Shapiro is described as one of the most prominent conservative faces in American politics and the media, and is known for his ridicule of left-wing currents and”political correctness” and is known for praising Western culture and civilization, which he asserts “surpasses all other civilizations,” while he said that immigrants from Muslim countries “degrade” the United States.

Shapiro calls for the transfer of Palestinians and Arabs of 1948 from the lands where they live, and said in an article published in the conservative American website Townhall that “the ideology of the Palestinian population cannot be distinguished from the ideology of the terrorist leadership,” comments that were described by his critics as fascist and inhumane, and retracted some of them.

In 2010, Shapiro said that “Israelis like to build, while Arabs like to blow up garbage and live in open sewage,” Shapiro supported the construction of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, and is known as a longtime opponent of the two-state solution.

In 2007, Shapiro wrote an article in which he described the “Palestinian Arab population” as “corrupt to the core” and blamed the Arab-Israeli conflict “on the Palestinian Arabs themselves”. He also believes that Israel and America “will continue to pay for blood and money” if they refuse to recognize the”simple truth” that “the Palestinian Arab population breeds terrorism, anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism”!!

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