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The official poster of the 2022 World Cup.. Letters of art and heritage in celebration of football

The official poster of the 2022 World Cup.. Letters of art and heritage in celebration of football

Hamad International Airport in Doha hosted on Wednesday a special ceremony to announce the official poster of the 2022 World Cup tournament hosted by Qatar this year, designed by Qatari artist Buthaina Al-Muftah, reflecting the country’s culture and heritage, and the passion of Qataris for the most popular game in the world.

For the first time in the history of the World Cup, this edition of the tournament will see the creation of a set of official posters that will enhance the atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement among fans towards the upcoming tournament, which will be held from November 21 to December 18 this year.

According to the FIFA Media Center, the main poster for the 2022 World Cup highlights “the celebration of football and its wide popularity throughout the Arab world, by depicting two components of the traditional headdress for men in Qatar and the region, namely the ghutra and the Aqal, waving in the air”.

Qatari artist Buthaina Al-Muftah said that she was ” inspired by the idea of posters from the collective memory of the people of Qatar,” and explained that most of her works “focus on the experiences and memories of the past, trying to link them to the present, and documenting the Qatari folk heritage in a modern way. I wanted to present posters that come in the same context, and tell the story of Qatar’s culture and its authentic heritage through art and football,”he said.

“I made sure that each poster reflected the manifestations of the celebration of football in Qatar, as the main poster comes in the form of a scarf and a headband waving in the air in a festive scene, which is what the fans used to do to rejoice when their team scored goals against the competing teams,”she added.

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Khalid Ali al-Mawlawi, Deputy Director General of Marketing, Communications and tournament experience at the Supreme Committee for delivery and legacy, stressed that the collection of World Cup posters symbolizes the passion of the people of Qatar for football and enhances the enthusiastic atmosphere witnessed by the country ahead of hosting the first edition of the tournament in the Arab world and the region.

“Many of the features of the 2022 FIFA World Cup reflect the components of the traditional headdress in Qatar and the region, including the design of the Al Thumama Stadium, the logo of the tournament, the official mascot (for AEB), and now the official poster. We are very proud and proud of the strong presence of symbols of our culture and rich heritage in all aspects related to the tournament”.

For his part, FIFA marketing director Francois Pathe said that “the official poster of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is a great reflection of the art scene in the country, and also embodies the culture and popularity of football in Qatar. We are proud to launch this distinctive series of posters depicting the passion for the sport of football, through which the international audience will learn about the talented Qatari artist who created these distinctive works of art”.

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