107 dead victims of Hurricane Ian in America

Washington-the US authorities announced on Tuesday that the death toll of Hurricane Ian, which struck the southeastern United States in late September and became one of the deadliest hurricanes in modern American history, has risen to 107 dead.

The vast majority of these deaths fell in Florida, the state most affected by the devastating hurricane, with the number of victims reaching one hundred and two dead, while the remaining five deaths fell in the state of North Carolina.

This official toll is likely to rise further, while some US media are talking about a higher death toll.

Hurricane Ian Is the deadliest hurricane in the United States since the turn of the century. However, his death toll is still much lower than the number of victims of Hurricane Katrina, which in 2005 devastated Louisiana and claimed the lives of 1,800 people.

As the hurricane moved towards the Atlantic Ocean, its intensity decreased, before it intensified again with its arrival in South Carolina, as well as its neighbor North Carolina.

The authorities said that the reconstruction of coastal areas destroyed by Hurricane Ian in Florida, will take months and will cost 50 billion dollars and possibly more.
Ian was a Category Four hurricane when it made landfall in Florida, inundating entire neighborhoods and destroying homes, bridges and power lines.

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